Contactless Active Integrated RFID (CAIRFID)

The first multi-mode globally made 2.45GHz active integrated RFID has been developed and presented in this is iembedding Zigbee Technology. The reader supports multi-mode and embedded with Zigbee technology to send data to the PC. This is the first attempt to embed Zigbee module as a reader in multi-mode WSN platform. In an RFID system the transponder which contains the data to be transmitted is called an RF tag. Active tags have an internal battery to power them and are usually RW (tag data can be rewritten and/or modified). The active tag works without microcontroller in order to reduce power consumption.


Product Specifications

The operating frequency of the product reaches up to 2.45 GHz and the battery life up to 4 years. Operating temperature ranges from -40OC to 80oC. Data rate transfer up to 250kbps. Supply voltage ranges from 2.1V to 3.6V. Detection range for indoor and outdoor range reaches around 40-50 m and more than 200 m respectively as stand alone and in mesh network with only one router can cover 7 level bulding. This product can operate to read and write. Moreover, the receiver sensitivity reaches -95 dBm and power transmitted is 1.25 mW (+1dBm). At maximum output power transmitting and receiving current is 40mA while idle current is 15mA. Hence, it also supported three network topologies which are point to point, point to multipoint, peer to peer and mesh network. Whip, chip and helical antenna are the supported antenna for this product. There are 16 direct sequence channels and communicates in RS 232 and USB.

(a)                                             (b)


(a) Active RFID reader with internal antenna   (b) Active RFID reader with external antenna


(c)                                                  (d)


(c) Active RFID tag with switch              (d) Active RFID tag without switch


Portable active RFID reader with embedded WSN for mesh network