RFIDTM – Reusable RFID Based Module For Networked Based Heterogeneous System

Developing RFID based applications is a painstakingly difficult endeavor. The difficulties involve include non-standard software and hardware peripherals from vendors, interoperability problems between different operating system as well as lack of expertise in terms of low level programming for RFID (i.e. steep learning curve). In order to address these difficulties, a reusable RFIDTM (RFID Tracking & Monitoring) module has been developed as part of the received TechnoFund grant. The module has been successfully employed in a number of our application prototypes including tracking of inventories as well as human/object tracking and tagging. Here, the module has been tested on a number of different types and configuration of active and passive readers including that of RF Code Mantis II 433.92MHz Reader, RF Reader module cc1020ua 433 GHz Texas Instruments, our in-house USM 2.45 GHz Contactless Active Integrated Reader and UHF Passive Reader.

Specifically, RFIDTM module has the following capabilities:

  • Provides high level and highly customizable library, hiding the internal difficulties of low level RFID programming

  • Supports GRID and networked based applications (i.e. for distributed monitoring).

  • Facilitates interoperability and reusability between non-homogeneous hardware and operating systems.

  • Allows redundant tracking and monitoring of the data using both RS-232 and UTP interface, hence, improving the reliability/redundancy of the system of interest.

  • Supports multi readers at the same time, hence, useful for highly available system.