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Dr.Teh Jiashen

B.Eng (Hons) (Universiti Tenaga Nasional), PhD (University of Manchester)
Tel: +604-599 6016
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I’m looking for prospective Master and PhD students who are interested in the research of power system reliability analysis and in related fields. Research allowances are available for applications. Special considerations would be given to First Class students.


1)    Power system reliability studies.
2)    Power flow optimization.
3)    Transmission system studies.

Research Interest

Research interest:
I’m interested in investigating the impacts of “smart” grid technologies towards the reliability of power system. These technologies include:

1)    Demand side management (DSM): Managing the electrical networks and increasing the reliability of the power systems are more efficient by empowering the electrical users as well instead of just controlling the generations. DSM tries to influence consumers to reduce/shift their electricity consumptions with the aim of having flatter load profile. This provides smooth operation of power generations and transmissions which then improves power system reliability. This research looks at how DSM technology impacts the reliability performance of power system.

2)    Wind farm integration: Renewable energies have gained much popularity as we are heading towards a future of sustainable developments and this is mainly driven by the awareness of environmental conservation. Among the many renewables, wind power generations receive the most attentions. Traditionally, power systems are run by fossil fueled generators and the reliability impacts of integrating wind farms are relatively less examined. This research examines the impact of wind farm integration towards the reliability of power system.

3)    Dynamic thermal rating systems (DTR): A subject of my research during my PhD studies. Nonetheless, I’m still interested in possible innovations within the realm of DTR system research. Conventionally, the transmission line thermal ratings are given a fixed rating known as the static thermal rating (STR). DTR attempts to change the ratings according to the ambient conditions at which the transmission lines are operated in, hence the name “Dynamic”. This research examines the impact of DTR system applications towards the reliability of power system.

4)    Energy storage (ES): Wind power generation at a specific time depends on the instantaneous wind velocity that is governed by the atmospheric conditions. Hence, wind farm operator cannot control the wind power output in the same way as the conventional generating units. Due to that, wind power varies in a wide range of time and is a major concern in power systems with high wind power integration. This is a cause of major concerns as power fluctuations can challenge the security of power supply and operation. Nonetheless, a suitable energy storage system that can respond to suppress this uncertainty will aid in the operation of wind farm, its usage and improve power system reliability. This research focus on the impact of energy storage towards the reliability of a wind integrated power system.

I’m also keen to investigate the reliability impacts of the following technologies and their interactions with all the aforementioned technologies:
5)    Electric vehicle (EV).
6)    Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) device.
7)    Photovoltaic solar cell.
8)    ICTs of smart grid. (WAN, NAN, HAN).


Selected Publications

1)    J.Teh and I.Cotton. "Risk informed design modification of dynamic thermal rating system". IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution 9 (16), pp 2644-2652, 2015.

2)    J.Teh and I.Cotton. "A Critical Spans Identification Model for Dynamic Thermal Rating System Placement". IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution 9(16), pp 2697-2704, 2015.

3)    J.Teh and I.Cotton. "Reliability Impact of Dynamic Thermal Rating System in Wind Power Integrated Network” IEEE transactions on Reliability. 2015

4)    J.Teh and I.Cotton. "Risk assessment of dynamic thermal rating system". IET International Conference on Resilience of Transmission and Distribution Networks (RTDN). 2015


USM short term grant: 304/PELECT/60313051 : RM 37,500