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Dr. Mohd Khairunaz Bin Mat Desa

M.Eng. (Hons) Loughborough, PhD Renewable Energy (UKM)
Tel: 04599 5873
Email: Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya.Website : https://khairunaz.wordpress.com/



Renewable Energy, Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Research Interest

PV Technology, Renewable Energy and Low Energy Building

Selected Publications

1)     “Performance of Silicon Solar Cell of various texturing methods”, M. K. Mat Desa, K. Sopian, M.     Y. Sulaiman, Proceedings of International Conference on Advances in Renewable Energy     Technologies, 2010

2)    “An Investigation of Front Surface Field, Emitter and Base Doping Concentration on p-type     Screen Printed Back Contact Solar Cells”, M. K.     MAT DESA, S. A. SHAHAHMADI, SUHAILA     SEPEAI, K. SOPIAN, M.Y. SULAIMAN and SALEEM H. ZAIDI, International Conferences on     Renewable Energy Sources, 2011.

3)     “Investigation of XeF2 Dry Etching for Contact Isolation of Screen Printed IBC Solar Cell”,     M. Khairunaz1, 2, Salim Zaidi1, K.     Sopian1, Suhaila Sapeai1, Azhari A. W.1, 3 , IEEE Photovoltaic     Specialist Conference, Florida, 2013.

4)     “Simplified Fabrication of Screen Printed Interdigitated Back Contact Solar Cell Based on Wet     Etching Process”, M. Khairunaz1, 2, Salim Zaidi1, K. Sopian1, Suhaila Sapeai1, Azhari A. W.1, 3     WESAS International Conferences on Renewable Energy Sources, 2013.

5)    Suhaila Sepeai, Saleem H. Zaidi, M.Y.Sulaiman, K.Sopian, M.Khairunaz and A.W.Azhari. 2013.     Numerical Analysis of Bifacial Solar Cell using PC1D Software. Proceedings of 39th IEEE     Photovoltaic Specialist Conference, June 16-21, Florida, accepted.

6)    Suhaila Sepeai, Saleem H.Zaidi, S.L.Cheow, M.Y.Sulaiman, K.Sopian, A.W.Azhari, N.A Ludin     and M.Khairunaz. Evaluation of     Surface     Photovoltage (SPV) in Al-Back Surface Fields Bifacial     Solar Cell. 2013. Proceedings of 7th WSEAS International Conference on Renewable Energy     Sources 2013, Latest Trends in Renewable Energy and Environmental Informatics, pp. 81-83.

7)    Synthesis and characterization of self assembly, high aspect ratio nm-scale columnar silicon     structure, Azhari A.W., Goh, Suhaila Sepeai, M.K. Mat Desa, IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist     Conference, Florida.