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Dr. Bakhtiar Affendi bin Rosdi

B.Eng (Tokyo Institute Of Technology), M.Eng (Tokyo Institute Of Technology), D.Eng (Tokyo Institute Of Technology)
Tel : 045996083
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Website : http://www.drfendi.com



  1. Pattern recognition
  2. Digital IC

Research Interest

  1. The application of Pattern recognition in Biometrics and Bioinformatics applications. Currently, I have two main projects, which are : Finger based biometric system and prediction of antimicrobial peptide.

Selected Publications


1.  ISI : Yong Tat Tan, Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi. “FPGA-based hardware accelerator for the prediction of protein secondary class via fuzzy K-nearest neighbors with Lempel–Ziv complexity based distance measure”. Neurocomputing. Volume 148, 19 January 2015: 409-419;
2.  ISI : Xin Yi Ng, Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi, and Shahriza Shahrudin. “Prediction of Antimicrobial Peptides Based on Sequence Alignment and Support Vector Machine-Pairwise Algorithm Utilizing LZ-Complexity“. BioMed Research International, Article ID 212715, in press.
3.  ISI : Tze Sin Tan, Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi. “Verilog HDL Simulator Technology: A Survey”. Journal of Electronic Testing. 2014; 30(3): 255-269.
4.  ISI : Mohd Shahrimie Mohd Asaari, Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi, Shahrel A Suandi. “Adaptive Kalman Filter Incorporated Eigenhand (AKFIE) for real-time hand tracking system”. Multimedia Tools and Applications. 2014.
5.  ISI : Mohd Shahrimie Mohd Asaari, Shahrel A Suandi, Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi. “Fusion of Band Limited Phase Only Correlation and Width Centroid Contour Distance for finger based biometrics”. Expert Systems with Applications. 2014; 41(7): 3367-3382.
6.  SCOPUS : Ali Khalili Mobarakeh, Sayedmehran Mirsafaie Rizi, Saba Nazari, Jiang Ping Gou, Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi. “Finger Vein Recognition Using Local Mean Based K-Nearest Centroid Neighbor Classifier”. Advanced Materials Research. 2013; 628: 427-432.
7.  ISI : Mohd Shahrimie Mohd Asaari, Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi and Shahrel Azmin Suandi. “Intelligent Biometric Group Hand Tracking (IBGHT) database for visual hand tracking research and development”. Multimedia Tools and Applications. 2012: 1-30.
8.  ISI :Rosdi B.A., Shing C.W., Suandi S.A. Finger Vein Recognition Using Local Line Binary Pattern. Sensors. 2011; 11(12):11357-11371.
9.  ISI : Marlina Yakno, Junita Mohamad-Saleh and Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi. “Impulse noise detector for vein images based on feed-forward neural network“, Opt. Eng. 50, 093202 (Sep 14, 2011).
10. ISI : Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi, Atsushi Takahashi. “Low Area Pipelined Circuits by the Replacement of Registers with Delay Elements“. IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, Vol.E90-A, No.12, pp.2736-2742, 2007.
11. ISI : Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi, Atsushi Takahashi. “Multi-clock Cycle Paths and Clock Scheduling for Reducing the Area of Pipelined Circuits“. IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, Vol.E89-A, No.12, pp.3435-3442, 2006.

Conference Proceedings

   1. Nurhafizah Mahri, Shahrel Azmin Suandi, Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi. “Finger Vein Recognition Using Phase Only Correlation“.
       Emerging Techniques and Challenges for Hand-Based Biometrics (ETCHB) 2010, pages 1-6, August 2010.
   2. Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi, Atsushi Takahashi. “Delay Balancing by Min-Cut Algorithm for Reducing the Area
       of Pipelined Circuits“. in Proceedings of The 20th Workshop on Circuits and Systems in Karuizawa, pp.643-648, 2007.
   3. Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi, Atsushi Takahashi. “Replacement of Register with Delay Element for
       Reducing the Area of Pipelined Circuits“. In Proc. the 2006 IEEE Asia-Pacific Conference on
       Circuits and Systems (APCCAS 2006), pp.802-805, December 4-7, 2006.
   4. Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi, Atsushi Takahashi. “Low Area Pipelined Circuits by Multi-clock Cycle Path and Clock Scheduling“.
       In Proc. Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference 2006 (ASP-DAC 2006), pp.260-265, January 25, 2006.
   5. Bakhtiar Affendi Rosdi, Atsushi Takahashi.  “An Algorithm to Calculate the Minimum Clock Period of a Semi-synchronous
       Circuit that Contains Multi-clock Cycle Path“. IEICE Technical Report (VLD2005-8), Vol. 105, No. 58, pp.13-18, 2005.
   6. B. A. Rosdi, A. Takahashi. “Reduction on the Usage of Intermediate Registers for Pipelined Circuits“.
       In Proc. the 12th Workshop on Synthesis and System Integration of Mixed Information Technologies (SASIMI 2004),
       pp.333-338, October 18-19, 2004.


1. USM Short Term Grant : “Personal verification based on finger vein patterns“, 1/9/2009 – 29/2/2012
2. USM Research University Grant : “Finger vein recognition based on image matching“, 1/1/2011 – 31/12/2013
3. Prototype Research Grant Scheme : “Prototype development of finger vein based biometric for identity recognition system“, 1/8/2014 – 31/07/2016