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Dr. Nur Zatil ‘Ismah Hashim

Ph.D in Electronics and Electrical Engineering
University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Meng. in Microelectronics
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Tel    : +604  599 6034
Email    : Alamat emel ini dilindungi dari Spambot. Anda perlu hidupkan JavaScript untuk melihatnya.

Research Interest

High resistivity silicon for GHz and THz technology
Microfabrication of semiconductor devices

Selected Publications

1. Suppression of parasitic surface conduction in Au-compensated high resistivity silicon for 40-GHz RF-MMIC application, N Z I Hashim, A Abuelgasim, C H De Groot, Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC) 2014,   Sendai JAPAN (Conference Proceeding)

2. Low loss 67-GHz coplanar waveguides and spiral inductors on 100 kΩ-cm gold-doped high resistivity Cz-silicon, A Abuelgasim, N Hashim, H M C Chong, P Ashburn, C H de Groot, 14th Topical Meeting on Silicon for RF Application (SiRF) 2014, California USA (Conference Proceeding)

3. Analytical and numerical model of spiral inductors on high resistivity silicon substrates, K Mallik, A Abuelgasim, N Hashim, P Ashburn, C H De Groot, Solid State Electronics, Volume 93, pp 43-48, 2014 (Journal Article)

4. Coplanar waveguides on gold-doped high resistivity silicon for 67-GHz microwave application, N Z I Hashim, A Abuelgasim, C H de Groot, Radio Frequency and Microwave Conference (RFM) 2013, Penang MALAYSIA (Conference Proceeding)