Since the academic session of 2000/2001, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering offers two study programmes, i.e the Electronic Engineering Programme leading to the Bachelor of  Engineering (Honours) (Electronic Engineering) and Electrical Engineering Programme leading to the Bachelor of  Engineering (Honours) (Electrical Engineering).  As of 2002/2003, another programme has been offered, which is the Mechatronic Engineering Programme leading to the Bachelor of  Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronic Engineering). The duration of study for the three mentioned programmes is four years or eight semesters.

    Electronic Engineering
    The Electronic Engineering programme covers the areas of Microelectronics, Computers, Communications and Control and Automation.

-    include Design and Analysis of Electronic Circuits, Digital Systems Design, Semiconductors, Electronic Devices and Circuits and various aspects of Integrated Electronics.

-    include Computer Organisation, Computer Networking, Microprocessor Systems Design, Digital Signal Processing, Software Engineering and Parallel Processing.
-    include Theory of Communication Systems, Antenna and Propagation, Microwave Engineering, Radar and Satellite Communications.
    Control and Automation:
-    include Analysis and Design of Control Systems, Robotics and Automation, exposure to the FMS systems and the industrial sector.

    Electrical Engineering
    The areas to be undertaken by students enrolled in this programme include Power Generation (both conventional and unconventional methods), Power Transmission, Power Distribution and Power Consumption, Electrical Machines, Electrical Analysis, Electrical Design and Applications, Power System Stability and Power Electronics.

    Mechatronic Engineering
    Under the Mechatronic Engineering programme, the following areas will be covered - Design and Control of Robot Drives, Sensors, Robotic Transducers and Manufacturing Systems.