2023 Publications


Journals and Books/Book Chapters: 


  1. Khaled Mohammad Alhashash, Hussein Samma and Shahrel Azmin Suandi, 2023, "Fine-Tuning of Pre-Trained Deep Face Sketch Models using a Smart Switching Slime Mould Algorithm", Applied Sciences -Basel, Appl. Sci. 202313(8), MDPI. (JIF21:2.838) (Q2) 

  2. Seng Chun Hoo, Haidi Ibrahim, Shahrel Azmin Suandi, and Theam Foo Ng, 2023, "LCAM: Low-Complexity Attention Module for Lightweight Face Recognition Networks" Mathematics 11, no. 7: 1694. https://doi.org/10.3390/math11071694 (JIF21:3.847) (Q1) 

  3. Sami Abdulla Mohsen Saleh, A Halim Kadarman, Shahrel Azmin Suandi, Sanaa Abduljabbar Ahmed Ghaleb, Waheed Ali H. M. Ghanem, Solehuddin Shuib, and Qusay Shihab Hamad, 2023, "A Tracklet-Before-Clustering Initialization Strategy Based on Hierarchical KLT Tracklet Association for Coherent Motion Filtering Enhancement", Mathematics, MDPI. (JIF21:3.847) (Q1) 

  4. Qusay Shihab Hamad, Hussein Samma, and Shahrel Azmin Suandi, 2023, “Features Selection of Pre-Trained Shallow CNN using QLESCA Optimizer for COVID-19 Patient Detection from X-Ray Images”, Applied Intelligence, Springer. (JIF21: 5.019) (Q2) 

  5. Weizhen Song and Shahrel Azmin Suandi, 2023, “TSR-YOLO: A Chinese Traffic Sign Recognition Algorithm for Intelligent Vehicles in Complex Scenes”, Sensors, 23(2), 749, MDPI. (JIF21: 3.847) (Q2)



  1.  Lihan Wong, Sami Abdulla Mohsen Saleh, and Shahrel Azmin Suandi, 2023, "YOLOv4-Kalman Filter Based System for On-Road Motorcycle Detection", 3rd International Conference on Computing and Information Technology (ICCIT), 13 - 14 September 2023, Tabuk, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. (Accepted)