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School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Universiti Sains Malaysia cooperates with Nuvoton Technology Corporation Taiwan in Academic Program

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia (SEE USM) formed a partnership with Nuvoton Technology Corporation (NTC), Taiwan, a chip design company having a high interest to partner in ‘Academic Programs’. Nuvoton had donated and provided 20 microcontroller NuMicro ARM Cortex™-M0 NUC 140 learning boards, document, facility for the class for research based on microcontroller ARM Cortex™-M0. Nuvoton had before this donated two units of NuMicro ARM Cortex™-M0 microcontroller learning boards for pre study. This program enables microprocessor and embedded systems courses teaching platform for SEE USM students, lecturers, and professors. It is also to provide knowledge and understanding to students about the latest microcontroller technology 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M0. In addition, transfer of information and technology between the industry and academia will provide mutual benefits to both sides and also realized the technology transfer between Malaysia and Taiwan.

Professor Mohd. Zaid Bin Abdullah, Dean of the SEE USM, had been for many years engaged in microprocessor and embedded systems related teaching and research applications. He is the key person in charge of Nuvoton Academic Program in SEE USM. The plan of Nuvoton’s academic program is mainly to provide training to students for the mainstream products in next 1~2 decade, and subsequently to projects or software development in the next stage. This program had begun in January 2013 and Nuvoton will visit SEE USM soon for meeting and discussion regarding academic program plan and evaluation.

Microprocessor in the next 20 years, is still widely used in mainstream architecture, and it is hoped that through the courses attended by the SEE USM students, these students will be able to catch up with the industrial technology, standards synchronization industry cultivating for more competitive talents. In the future, SEE USM and Nuvoton will have a further technical education, training, and research cooperation.

The 32-bit ARM Cortex™-M0 microprocessor is significantly improved in computing speed and application performance, common used in car electronics, such as: audio, window controls, navigation system, and so on, through the internet and vehicle electronic communication, to expand the surrounding function. Nuvoton academic program also want to take the industry's latest embedded platform ARM Cortex™-M0, not only to learn the basic control theory and implementation, but also allows students to learn the basic tools and production processes required by electronics engineers, due to the course content information and examples of both practicality, helps students thematic studies and significantly enhance future employability. In the future, Nuvoton will continue to support the microcontroller-based research conducted by SEE USM.