School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Penerima Public-Private Research Network (PPRN) 2.0 Tahun 2021

2021 0909 Kad Ucapan Ucapan Tahniah PPRN Dr Bakhtiar 2021

The title of the PPRN grant project by AP Dr Bakhtiar Affendi bin Rosdi is "Personalized Distributor Resources Management System for Ice Cream Manufacturer". The system consists of smartphone apps for the distributors and sub-distributors to order the product and make the payment, a browser-based dashboard for the company to manage the order and distributors, and a website for the end-users to locate the nearest distributors/sub-distributors. The collaborator of the project is Proville Tech Sdn Bhd. The developed system will be used by the company in their daily operation.

2021 0909 USM PPRN PM Dr Bakhtiar