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PhD (Biomedical Engineering),
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

MSc (Communications & Signal Processing),
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

BEng (Medical Electronics & Instrumentation),
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. 

Tel : +604 5995821
Fax : +604 5996909
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Researcher Identifiers
Researcher ID : E-9190-2012
ORCID : 0000-0002-8284-2054
Scopus Author ID: 6504280814
Google Scholar ID: 7qPzx_sAAAAJ
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Live update on my publications can be seen via the following Google Scholar link:

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  1. Consultant for project entitled “Impact on Signal Integrity due To Differential Delay Line in Package Design”. 2019
  2. Consultant for project entitled “Racing Bib Number Recognition Interface using Pattern Matching and Trained Optical Character Recognition Engine”. 2018 
  3. Consultant for project entitled “Alternative Reflective Channel for Stressed Receiver Validation”. 2017
  4. Consultant for project entitled "Testing System Transformation for Productivity Enhancement". 2013

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Research University (USM)
Segmentation of Coronary Angiography Images Using Deep Learning Techniques
Members: Harsa Amylia Mat Sakim, Teoh Soo Siang, Haidi Ibrahim, Wan Yus Haniff Wan Isa
December 2020 – May 2024. RM58,000
Research University (USM)
Development of Intelligent Diagnostic Tools for Endoscopic Gastritis
Members: Harsa Amylia Mat Sakim, Lee Yeong Yeh, Nor Ashidi Mat Isa
May 2010 – April 2013. RM164,513
Short Term Grant (USM)
Controllers for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems
Members: Harsa Amylia Mat Sakim, Rosmiwati Mohd Mokhtar
May 2009 – April 2011. RM37,000
e-Science (MOSTI)
Optimised Image Analysis and Neural Network Techniques for Cancer Detection
Members: Harsa Amylia Mat Sakim, Mohd Rizal Arshad, Nor Hayati Othman, Umi Kalthum Ngah
December 2006 – June 2009. RM134,995
Short Term (USM)
Fuzzy Logic to Predict Axillary Lymph Node Involvement in Breast Cancer
Members: Harsa Amylia Mat Sakim, Umi Kalthum Ngah, Nor Ashidi Mat Isa
March 2007 – September 2009. RM18,090
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  1. Yasmin Mohd Yacob. Dynamic Window and Pairwise Gini Criterion to Improve Class-Based Discretization Algorithm. PhD 2015
  2. Nafiza Saidin. Breast Density Detection for BIRADS Classification on Mammogram Images. PhD 2014
  3. Moayad Yousif Potrus. An Evolutionary Based Online Recognition System for Handwritten Arabic Text. PhD 2013
  4. Nemir Ahmed Fuaad Abdulazeez Al-Azzawi. Registration and Fusion Techniques for Multimodal Brain Images. PhD 2011
  5. Zuriani Sobri. Feature Extraction Using Color-Texture Technique to Classify Images of Gastritis Endoscopy. MSc 2016
  6. Nuryanti Mohd Salleh. Pemprosesan Imej dan Pengekstrakan Ciri-Ciri Morfologi Secara Automatik Untuk Sel Lesi Payudara Teraspirasi Jarum Halus. MSc 2015
  7. Ngoh Hooi Jiun. Development of Demi-Span Equations for Predicting Height in Institutional Malaysian Elderly. MSc 2012
  8. Marwan A. Ali. Neural Controller Utilizing Genetic Algorithm Technique for Dynamic Systems. MSc 2010

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Research Posts

Postgraduate students

  • Full-time and part-time studies
  • Monthly allowance available for selected candidates (RM1800/month)
Research assistants
  • Full-time and part-time researchers.
  • Contract terms.
  • Paid based on achievements of mini projects (rate depends on academic qualifications).
  • Must be independent and self motivated.
  • Technical requirements: Proficient in Matlab programming. Fair report writing skill (will be guided to improve).
Field : Digital Image Processing, Artificial Neural Networks. 
Lecturer : AP Dr. Harsa Amylia Mat Sakim

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