Dr. Abdul-Malik Haider Yusef

B.Eng. in Computer Engineering (Hodeidah University), MSc. in Electrical Systems Design Engineering (USM), PhD. in Advanced Digital Systems (USM)
Tel :045996091
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Advanced digital systems

Research Interest

   -  Digital system design
   -  Embedded system design
   -  Image compression

Selected Publications

    Saad, A.H. and Abdullah, M.Z., 2016. “High-speed implementation of fractal image compression in low cost FPGA.” Microprocessors and Microsystems, 47, pp.429-440.

    Saad AM, Abdullah MZ., 2016. “Real-time implementation of Fractal Image Compression in low cost FPGA.” In Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST), 2016 IEEE International Conference on Oct 4 (pp. 13-18). IEEE.

    Saad AM, Abdullah MZ. “Hardware Implementation of Fractal Image Compression.” The 6th Postgraduate Colloquium of the school of Electrical & Electronics (EEPC2016), Nibong Tebal. Malaysia.

    Abdul-Malik H. Y. Saad, S. S. N. Alhady, “Embedded Neural Network for Distance Recognition Using Distance Sensor”, 1st International Conference of Recent Trends in Information and Communication Technologies, Universiti Teknologi  Malaysia, Johor, Malaysia. 2014.