Ir. Dr. Mohamad Tarmizi Abu Seman

Infografik Mohamad Tarmizi Abu Seman 2022v3

Last Updated on 29.09.2022


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), FEA Ansys, Mechanism and Structures, Industrial Automation, Internet of Thing (IoT).

Last Updated on 16.06.2021

Research Interest

  • Embedded Smarts Systems
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Structural Dynamic Control
  • Robotic – Mechanism and Structures
  • Autonomous Systems

Last Updated on 16.06.2021

Research Publications

Journals Publication:

1.  M.T. Abu Seman1, F. Ismail2, M.Z. Abdullah2, M.N.A. Hamid3, 2017. Experimental Investigation of Aerodynamic Performances on a Rotating Cylinder with Surface Roughness using Light Weight Smart Motor (LWSM), Indian Journal og GEO-MARINE SCIENCE. (ISI – IF 0.316)

2.   M.T. Abu Seman1, M.F. Abdul Hamid1, A.K. Ismail3, 2016. Green Application: Electric Charge Generated From Any High Temperature Heat Source, International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science (IJAEMS), Val-2, Issue-7, ISSN: 2454-1311. (Thomson Reuter list)

3.    M.T. Abu Seman1, F. Ismail2, H. Yusoff3, 2015. Rotational effects on vortex shedding behaviour of a cylinder with surface roughness – An experimental PIV and computational approach, International Journal of Mechanical And Production Engineering, Volume3, Issue-4. (Scorpus)

4.    M.T. Abu Seman1, F. Ismail2, H. Yusoff3, M.A. Ismail2, 2015. Effect of counter-rotating cylinder with surface roughness on stagnation and separation point – A Computational Approach, Indian Journal of Science & Technology, Vo 8(30), DOI:10.17485. (ISI list)

Proceedings Publications:

1.     M.T. Abu Seman, M.F. Rajemi2, 2018. Sustainable energy efficiency for MIG welding process, The 7th ICMR Conference 2018, Medan Indonesia.

2.    M.T. Abu Seman1, M.F. Rajemi2, 2018. Rotational Cylinder with Surface Roughness Effect on Energy Saving For Transportation – Experimental and Simulation Approach, 2018. The 3rd International Conference of Tourism, Economic, Environment and Technology (ICTEET 2018), Hatyai Thailand.


1.    Study of Electrical Energy Consumption in Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding Towards Sustainable Environment Management (Research University Grant UUM/RIMC/P-30 Jld.12) (Co-researcher)