School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Top Year 3 Student Nomination to Attend Innovate Malaysia Design Conference

 Innovate Malaysia is a multi-disciplinary engineering design competition for undergraduates in Malaysia.  It is co-organized by 9 technology leaders in the industry, supported by MOHE, MDEC, MaGIC, and IEM.
The competition serves to promote innovative culture in engineering design, tackle real-world problems with practical engineering solutions, and churn out brightest talents for product development, further research, and commercialization.
Participants are provided start-of-the-art industry platforms to develop their projects. They are trained on the industry platforms by DreamCatcher and mentored by the industry leaders. Participants work on Design Challenge supplied by various organizations in solving real-life problems.
Innovate Malaysia has become the largest engineering design competition in Malaysia over the years. It has become a platform to groom and acquire engineering talents; to promote adoption of industry platforms in the universities; and to align engineering solutions to real-world problems. In short, this programme prepares the brightest talents in pursuit of careers in high-value jobs, further studies, or technology start-ups.

Venue      : MaGIC, Cyberjaya
Date       : 18th July 2017 (Tuesday)
Time       : 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Attire     : Smart Casual