School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Dr. Nasiruddin invited as a Visiting Academician by Laboratoire MIS: Modelisation, Information et Systemes (MIS) Laboratory, University of Picardie Jules Verne in Amiens, France.


 On the 12th of February 2018, Dr. Muhammad Nasiruddin Mahyuddin, a senior lecturer from the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia was officially invited as a Visiting Academician by MIS (Modelling, Information and System) Research Laboratory, University of Picardie Jules Verne in Amiens, France. The invitation letter was conveyed by the Director of MIS Research Laboratory, Professor Dr. Gilles Dequen. Dr. Muhammad Nasiruddin Mahyuddin was attached to MIS Laboratory from 26th of March to 9th of April 2018 working with Associate Professor Dr Abdelhamid Rabhi who specializes in automatic control in vehicle and robotics. Dr. Nasiruddin’s research attachment and visit were partially sponsored by University of Picardie Jules Verne, France.

During the period of 2 weeks and 2 days, Dr. Nasiruddin engaged a collaborative research work with Dr Rabhi of MIS Research Lab on adaptive and robust control, diagnosis and observation of complex systems comprising vehicles, robotics and renewable energy systems.  

     Within the period of his visit, he was also invited to deliver two technical seminars at the MIS Research Laboratory. The first technical seminar was held on 28th of March 2018 was about Novel Adaptive Control and Observer Algorithm and its Application to Robotics, Automotive and Networked System. The second technical seminar was held on 5th of April 2018 entitled Robust Cooperative Control of a Networked Multiple Nonlinear Agent Systems.

    He visited the state-of-the-art research facility on vehicle dynamics control and estimation in MIS lab. He also visited the nonlinear control laboratory and renewable energy laboratory. Most of the research facility and laboratory are substantially funded by European industrial companies and European Union agency.

Experimental vehicle for dynamic control and estimation research.

MIS Laboratory Zone.

(From the left) Dr. Nasiruddin, Dr. Younnes (PostDoc) and Dr Rabhi (Associate Professor) inspecting the CAN network of the experimental vehicle.

dSPACE microautobox and some other network peripherals are used in dynamics control and estimation research.

Robotics and Vision Lab

Robotics Lab for teaching and research where Staubli industrial robot is used. With Dr. Nasiruddin is the MSc student of Dr Fabio

(From the left) Dr. Gillaumme Caron, Dr. Rabhi, Dr Fabio Morbidi, Dr Nasiruddin and Dr Younnes. A photo session after Dr. Nasiruddin presented a technical seminar.